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Archive and Library - Regulation


Access mode

1. The Foundation Library observes the following opening hours to the public: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm; Tuesday-Friday from 16.00 to 19.00; closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Access to the Library is free.

2. Before entering the Library, users are obliged to deposit bags, bags, folders and other objects that could cause obstruction and/or disturbance at the entrance. The Foundation is not responsible for the objects or personal assets deposited by users on its premises. It is strictly forbidden to keep mobile phones lit, to smoke in rooms not intended for such use, to write on the books of the Library and on archive cards. Use of the handset is permitted.

3. Consultation of bibliographic collections and documents takes place exclusively in the headquarters and in the presence of the Foundation's staff. The material can be consulted once the cataloging has been completed and completed.

4. The loan of books and any other material held by the Library is not permitted.


Access conditions for the consultation of the bibliographic collection

1. The request to consult the volumes must be made to the staff of the Foundation by filling in a "Reader entry card". The consultation of the material must take place in the study and research room.

2. Scholars can conduct research by questioning the computerized catalogue of libraries in the province of Ragusa or directly request advice from the Foundation's staff.

3. The scholar will not be able to view more than three volumes at a time. In order to protect the bibliographic material if a reproduction is possessed on any support of the requested work, this will be given in reading instead of the original.

4. The scholar is responsible for the material until it is returned; in case of absence, even temporary, from the hall, the work must be returned to the Foundation staff. The material can be left in storage for up to three days.


Reproduction of bibliographic material for personal use or for publication purposes

1. The reproduction of rare and valuable bibliographic material is not permitted.

2. The authorization to reproduce is granted if the state of conservation of the specimen allows it and the reproduction procedure does not cause damage to the book.

3. For works protected by copyright law it is possible to obtain reproductions for personal use up to a maximum of 15% of each volume or periodical.

4. In the event of reproduction for the purpose of publication of the material protected by copyright, obtaining any authorization from the holders of the rights is a burden user. The Library of the Foundation disclaims any responsibility in the event that the user violates third party rights on the material reproduced.


Access conditions for the consultation of the archival fund

1. For the consultation of the autographed material of the "Gesualdo Bufalino Collection", it is necessary to first present an authorization request addressed to the Scientific Director of the Foundation. In the specific request the scholar will have to specify the topic and purpose of his research. Students, undergraduates and doctoral students must attach to the request for consultation a letter of presentation from the lecturer or research coordinator. The authorization to consult the documents is strictly personal.

2. Once the authorization has been granted, it is necessary to make arrangements for the timetable and methods of consultation with the Fund manager. The scholar is required to scrupulously respect the order of the cards placed in the various files.

3. Only one file can be consulted at a time. The files can be kept in storage available to the scholar who requested them, up to a maximum of three, for a period of three days from the date of the last consultation.

4. It is forbidden to lean on documents, put marks on the cards or otherwise damage them. The user will be liable for any damage. Any negligence or non-observance behavior will lead to the non-acceptance of further requests for access.


Reproduction and disclosure of archival material

1. The reproduction of documents is not permitted. In this regard, the staff of the Foundation will have particular supervisory duties. Transcription and quotation of excerpts from documents for research purposes are permitted. Full publication of the documents is not permitted. The consultation, the study and the publication of the materials is regulated by the laws in force on copyright and privacy.

2. Every use must be accompanied by the explicit reference to the archival fund consulted and bear the origin with the following wording: "by courtesy of the Gesualdo Bufalino Foundation of Comiso".

3. The possible use of documents for editorial purposes involves the delivery of an agreed number of copies. Students who carry out degree and/or doctoral theses on the Foundation's archive materials are required to file a copy.

4. With regard to the consultation of the correspondence to / of Bufalino no letter can be riproduced in its entirety; no data can be reported in any way that invades the privacy of the correspondents and of the persons named therein.

5. The authorization to consult documents does not relieve the scholar from the criminal and civil responsibility for offenses or damages to persons and bodies for the undue summons of names and surnames and for the diffusion of the information contained in the documents consulted.

6. Any non-compliance with these Regulations may lead to the refusal of further requests for consultation and, in the most serious cases, to access the Fund. In any case, the penalties provided for by the regulations in force remain valid.